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How to Find Local Staffing And Management for Mobile Home Parks

How can mobile home park investors best find great managers and teams for their parks?

An investment opportunity is only as good as the execution and management. Poor management can ruin even the best investments in the most prime locations. Great teams can unlock and add incredible value and performance in even mediocre properties. The big question for mobile home park investors today is where to find the best talent to help preserve and maximize their assets.

How to Find Good Property Managers

There are two main choices for property management of mobile home parks. The first is hiring a local professional management company. Be sure to carefully vet these firms, evaluate their fee structures, and ensure their motivations are in alignment with yours. The second option is to simply find your own independent property manager and hire them.

There are several ways to accomplish this…

Advertise the Job Opening

This may include posting job listings on Craigslist, promoting the opportunity at local real estate investor groups and asking for referrals, posting the position on-site at your mobile home park, taking out ads in the local newspaper, and more.

Look for Well Maintained Properties

Are there other mobile home parks in the area which are well maintained where you may find managers to come and handle your units as well? How about looking for the best maintained lots in your park, and asking if that person would like the management position? Other park residents may have good leads on great managers too. If needed this search can be extended beyond parks to other property types.

Finding Great Contractors

Finding great and reliable contractors can be one of the biggest challenges for all real estate investors. You’ve got to find contractors that can best deliver on-time, on budget, quality work, and get out fast when you need them. Unfortunately this industry is notoriously littered with contractors that appear to check all the wrong boxes. Taking the trial and error approach of running down the list in the Yellow Pages can be time consuming and costly. The key to success is finding those with a proven track record.

4 Ways to Find Them:

  1. Use trusted review portals such as AngiesList
  2. Ask for referrals from other local real estate investors
  3. Go to suppliers and home improvement stores first thing in the morning to find the hard workers that are getting jobs and ask if they want more work
  4. Stop are construction sites and ask the crews while gaining a chance to see their work first hand

Finding Assistants and Miscellaneous Team Members

There can be great efficiency and savings to be found by utilizing virtual assistants for many tasks required of mobile home park investors. This may include bookkeepers, marketers, receptionists, etc. One of the best platforms for this is Upwork which is home to thousands of freelance remote workers.

Advisors & Asset Managers

All serious mobile home park investors can benefit from having professional advisors and asset managers in their corner. This will likely include a real estate attorney, accountant and tax professional, and even a real estate investment advisor. Look for those with experience specifically in the mobile home park arena.

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