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    I’ve heard about ‘masterminds.’ I have a friend who’s in one and sounds cool but i don’t really get it. What are they?

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    MHI Admin

    A mastermind is a regular meeting of two or more people (usually up to five) who discuss their goals, their challenges and offer each other help in solving their problems.

    Mastermind groups are also sometimes referred to as ‘accountability’ groups because they help keep people focused on their goals.

    A normal mastermind is held weekly.

    During the week, each member of the mastermind will talk about their wins and losses for the week. After that, one particular member will be placed in the “hotseat” and that member will describe a specific challenge they are having. The other members will contribute with ideas and questions designed to help the “hotseat” find a way through their issues.

    You can run a mastermind however you want but a few best practice suggestions:

    • Keep the number to 3-5
    • It’s not a ‘complaint’ session – stay focused on setting goals and discussing how to accomplish them
    • Members should be at about the same level of experience
    • It’s okay to ‘outgrow’ a mastermind or decide that it’s not the right group for you
    • One person should moderate the session – you can use the same moderator or rotate
    • It’s not just about wins and losses and accountability. It’s also about supporting each other and helping to keep each other motivated, etc.

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