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Hiring a community manager

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    MHI Admin

    One question we often get from new investors – how do you manage your parks when you’re living so far away?

    If you’re lucky enough to scale and have parks groups in one area, you might have enough income to hire a regional manager to watch over several parks in the area. However, even if you reach that point, you’ll still want someone who’s your ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground in the park – the Community Manager.

    One strategy that we have for hiring a Community Managers – drive the park and find the nicest looking lot in the area. That person obviously knows how to care for their property. Chances are that person also wants his or her neighbors to do the same. This might be an ideal person to become your community manager.

    But remember – just because someone can care for their own lot, doesn’t mean they’re capable of managing everyone else in your community. Make sure that you’re training your community manager with the systems and processes that you want to see them implement. It’s your park. Run it the way you’d want it run. And if it doesn’t work out with one manager, look for someone else to do it.

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