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Are mobile home parks the same as RV parks?

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    I’m confused by exactly what a mobile home park is. And is it different than RV parks?

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    MHI Admin

    Let’s start with what’s a mobile home. A mobile home is a factory built home. The home is built in a climate controlled factory and then the finished product is moved onto a mobile home park. That’s why mobile homes are also known as manufactured homes.

    When the mobile home is moved onto a mobile home park, the home is attached to a foundation called a lot or slab. That home is connected to water / sewage / electricity and the house is now ready to be used.

    Mobile homes are expensive to move. It takes big trailers (you’re moving an entire home) to lift the home and take it to a new location. (Check out some YouTube videos if you want to see how it’s done).

    An RV, on the other hand, is basically a home on wheels.

    So while you can be fairly sure your mobile home park resident will be living in your lot for awhile (if they own the home), if you service RV tenants, they’re free to leave at anytime.

    We prefer investing in Mobile Home Parks.

    (For more on what a mobile home park is, check out our “Definitive Guide to Mobile Home Parks” which we offer for free to our readers).

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