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The Broken 401k & Finding a Real Retirement Strategy

401(k) plans aren’t working for Americans. What’s wrong? What is a truly viable retirement plan for individuals? New data suggests that the 401k retirement plan just isn’t working. It is even worse for those without an organized retirement plan of their own. So what has gone wrong? Just how bad is the situation? What might […]

Top Reasons to be a Cash Flow Investor

What’s so attractive about becoming a cash flow investor? What are the advantages of being a cash flow investor? How does this compare to the other investment options out there? Cash Flow 101 Cash flow investors prioritize the income thrown off by investment properties. This does not mean forgoing the potential for equity growth via […]

Creating a Network of People to Help You Find Deals

How to create a network to ensure a consistent feed of mobile home park deals… Investors that are serious about profiting from the mobile home park sector will find that having a network of different sources feeding them deals can optimize their time and deliver more choices. So how do you set that up? 5 […]

Mobile Home Parks And Long Term Tenants

Long term tenants are highly prized by buy and hold income investors. Mobile home park tenants are known for some of the best longevity in the industry. So why do these clients stay so long? What are the benefits for investors? How can you spur more of this trend? Long Term Tenants Investors and financial […]

What Investment Offers The Highest Return?

It seems like everyone has an opinion about what you should invest in. As soon as you have a bit of extra income or an excellent return on another venture, other people are eager to spend it for you. But you already know that your highest return won’t happen on stocks, bonds, or funds. And […]

The Retirement Crisis: Good Investments, Bad Advice & Ugly Data

America is in a retirement crisis. The latest data is ugly. Investment advice has been bad. So how can individuals find good investments that will deliver on their financial needs? A new report shows that America’s pending retirement crisis is far worse than previously thought. Beyond the failure of 401ks and savings initiatives, America is […]

Profile Of Sam Zell, Mobile Home Park Investor

Sam Zell is one of, if not the world’s largest investor in mobile home parks. How has this served him? What is his approach? What does the investing legend see ahead for the market? Sam Zell Founder of Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS), Sam Zell is recognized as leading the most significant manufactured home community operator, […]

Staying Sane While Investing in Mobile Home Parks from a Distance

Out of area mobile home park investing can be incredibly rewarding, but that doesn’t mean it without its own unique set of challenges. How can investors maximize the upside, and stay sane? The 3 Biggest Challenges of Investing at a Distance Accurate due diligence Effective local property management Falling into the road warrior trap Do […]