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Mobile Home Park Due Diligence: Strategic Flights

Due Diligence Hacks for Mobile Home Investors How can mobile home park investors conduct efficient due diligence on more opportunities anywhere in the country? Strategic Flights In the past real estate investors have frequently made a killing on buying out of area property, sight unseen. Many have also bankrupted themselves by ignoring the most basic […]

Tips to Create a Call Script to Mobile Home Park Owners

How can investors master the phone as a tool for acquiring new mobile home park deals? Either as an initial prospecting tool, or part of the negotiation process the phone can be powerful for sealing great deals on mobile home parks. So what smart practices can be deployed here? What should you say? The Phone […]

Mobile Home Parks As An Under-The-Radar Investment

When you think of investing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably Wall Street stocks and funds. That’s the case for most people because stock investing firms market pretty aggressively. On television, radio, print, and online, consumers are bombarded with attractive offers to invest through this company or that one. Or, perhaps the […]

Top Numbers A Mobile Home Park Investor Needs To Know

What numbers do you need to know to make great mobile home park investments? There are many, many numbers thrown around in the real estate investment arena. Here are ten that mobile home park investors need to know for each potential investment. Cash on Cash Returns Cash on cash returns are the most important number […]

How To Perform Due Diligence On A Market

What should mobile home park investors be looking at when evaluating markets to invest in? Make no assumptions when it comes to where to invest. Sophisticated real estate investors conduct thorough market research before investing. They know that all real estate is local, and winning property investments are all about “location, location, location.” So what […]

Mobile Home Park Investing: The Economies Of Scale

One of the big perks of mobile home park investing is the economy of scale. So how does this show up, what tangible advantages does this offer investors in this sector? The Economy of Scale Sophisticated investors and heavy weight funds have long be known for investing in larger properties with multiple tenants. Whether this […]

Using Virtual Assistants to Find Deals

How to use remote staffing to source and secure mobile home park deals… Outsourced staffing solutions can be incredibly powerful for finding more investment opportunities affordably and efficiently. So where do you find them? How do you set them up with effective systems? What else can they do for you as a real estate investor? […]

How To Avoid Self-Sabotaging “Analysis Paralysis” When Investing In Mobile Home Parks

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for aspiring investors is over analysis. It literally causes financial paralysis, with dire consequences. How can more hopeful investors overcome this counterproductive hurdle in order to realize more of the results they really crave? The Importance of Due Diligence Thorough due diligence is necessary. By no means does the […]

The New Housing Bubble and Your Retirement Plan

Are we in a new real estate bubble? What are billionaire moguls selling and holding now? How will it impact your retirement plan? New questions and concerns are being raised about the US real estate market. Is another bubble or correction possibly on the horizon? How are leading investors reacting? What strain might this put […]