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How To Hire An Onsite Manager For Your Mobile Home Park

Where can mobile home park investors find good property managers? Great property management is key to unlocking the full potential of any real estate investment, and preserving the asset. So where and how can mobile home park investors secure good, affordable managers? What to Look for in a Good Mobile Home Park Manager Knowing what […]

The Urgent Need for Pre-Retirement Passive Income

Americans are facing an urgent, but often overlooked need for passive income. Some have put this thought off until retirement. The big problem is that most never know when, and how soon they are really going to need it. The Desperate Need for Passive Income Via the Harvard Business Review professor Robert C. Merton has […]

How to Find Investor-Friendly States to Invest

Where you invest is just as important as the properties you invest in… Before inking that mobile home park deal, make sure you are investing in the right area for optimal success, and best net benefits. Some US states, counties, and even cities can yield far better net returns, and can be far more pleasant […]

Mobile Home Park Investing: Local vs. Out of Area Investing

What’s the difference in investing in mobile home parks locally versus out of area, and even out of state? Access to more data, technology, and contacts than ever before now enables real estate investors to effectively invest in and hold properties virtually anywhere in the world. So with such great freedom, and no barriers what […]

Mobile Home Parks Versus Other Assets

How do mobile home parks stack up against other sectors for investors? While mobile homes are often looked down on by some newer real estate investors, this asset class continues to make up a sizable portion of the portfolios of the world’s wealthiest billionaire investors. What draws these sophisticated investors to this sector? What metrics […]

Retirement: Beating the New Era of Zero Investment Returns

Can Americans beat the new economy, to retire with confidence and in comfort? There is little uncertainty about what’s ahead in the minds of many leading financial experts. They are pretty adamant that at best we are facing a stalled economy, if not a recession even greater than 2008. What threats does this really bring […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Investors Love Mobile Home Parks

Why are investors so interested in mobile home parks today? Those that understand the math and advantages of mobile home parks as an asset class can’t help but be drawn to investing in them. Investors that are looking for more from their portfolios may be surprised that they haven’t been tuned into these investments before. […]

Stock Investing Versus Mobile Home Park Investing

How does investing in stocks stack up to mobile home investing? If you’ve ever found yourself defending your stock market investments because you “don’t like to deal with tenants,” or “don’t want to spend my weekends getting my hands dirty fixing up old houses,” – you need to read this…  “I like to invest in […]

How To Perform Due Diligence On A Mobile Home Park

What key factors should mobile home park investors consider when evaluating new acquisition opportunities? Due Diligence for Mobile Home Park Investors During the process of evaluating potential mobile home park acquisitions, and vetting properties under contract investors ought to be familiar with the following items. Property inspections Environmental inspections Title and lien searches Comparable sales […]